Who ya gonna call?

After 911 is called, call these numbers to report public health and environmental emergencies

Call the following immediately and directly. If the emergency is after 5p and before 8a, be sure to have 2 friends phone as well—these organizations need 3 complaints at the same time for the same event in order to come out after hours onsite to an event:

Bay Area Air Quality Control Board: 1-822-334-ODOR

Office of Spill Prevention and Response: 800-852-7550 – OR – 800-OILS-911

US Coast Guard (24/7 line at Coast Guard Island): 415-399-3593

Alameda County Environmental Health: (510) 567-6700

Cal EMA (Emergency Management Agency, formerly OES): Senior Emergency Service Coordinators (1) Roger Sigtermans, office 510-286-6742, cell 415-298-3550, and  (2) Memoree McIntire, office 510-286-0819, cell 510-220-0185,

CalEPA: List of Contacts by Problem Type

Then call the National Response Center (NRC): 1-800-424-8802

Ask the NRC to escalate the incident report to the following agencies (they need you to tell them this) and demand that they come out immediately during the event:

Bay Area Air Quality Control Board

US Coast Guard

San Francisco Water Board

Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)

And last but not least, if you can’t get a straight answer from the local first responders, contact the Alameda County Office of Emergency Services: (925) 803-7800


In this way, the needed regional and state agencies will be engaged, bring all of their knowledge, tools, and resources to address the emergency and protect our individual, public, and environmental health.  The AFD has shown that they will not, even in the worst environmental disasters like the FISC fire, engage these agencies. We must do it for ourselves to protect ourselves, our environment and our future.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~after the fact

BAAQMD Public Records Request Form: downloadable WORD file here.

Fair Political Practices Complaint Form: downloadable PDF file here.  Use this for filing your complaint about a hospital physician with a thriving practice group at the hospital also being on the board of the hospital; this is a violation of ethics when the hospital is public.

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