EDIT / ACPHD’s website data is incorrect.

EDIT 2 / First, the ACPHD suddenly hid the download page from the public last summer—we asked them several times for it, and nada. City gave me the link today. So I’ve compared the data the ACPHD publishes on their website to the data in the download. Two very different data sets. And even the downloaded data changes over time; so there’s no reliable data in real time apparently. Assuming the download is the correct data, we know this: 7-day average of daily-cases is down to 21, down from the 40s earlier this month, which is great news and means this month will likely be 800+ cases, not 1,000+ cases. Fingers crossed! December’s total cases are 668 to date. Sadly, deaths at one SNF is up to 17 as of yesterday. :^(


Why is the city publishing inaccurate COVID-19 case data and suggesting we’re doing better….when we are anything but?

Here’s the (shockingly inaccurate) Saturday, 1/22/21, post on facebook by City of Alameda – Local Government which states our COVID-19 case rates have begun “to stabilize” and suggests business restrictions will soon be relaxing. Huh? Where are they getting their data from? It’s not from ACPHD.

I collect daily case data from ACPHD for the City of Alameda. Below our my charts using ACPHD’s data as of 1/22/2021 [ACPHD’s last date in which ACPHD updated their total case data for the City of Alameda]:

7-day average of daily cases is at 31. In the last two weeks it’s consistently between between 28 and 40.

Here’s our daily case rate. Compare to what the city posted and stated. 19 is our lowest–there is no day with only 12 cases), and there is no day with over 60 cases.

And here’s our monthly totals….January is twice as bad as December (which was our worst month last year):

With our 7-day daily-average at 31, we’ll be topping 1,000 cases by the end of the month. Shockingly different than what the city posts on facebook and on our city website here.

Here’s what the city’s publishing for the monthly totals updated on 1/21/2021:

Why is the city publishing inaccurate COVID-19 case data and suggesting we’re doing better and heading towards reopening?!

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