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Beware Farmers’ Market? Sheesh.

Despite the fact that a farmers’ market conveys the idea that the products sold are sold by farmers themselves, are wholesome, farmer-grown and/or handmade, we cannot assume that that is true. And that is sad to me. We have to be vigilant about what we buy even there!

Case in point: CALOLEA olive oils.  Their oils are extra-virgin and organic.  YUM.  So you’d think their soap would be pretty good stuff. The soap’s label says ‘GLYCERINE & OLIVE OIL COMPLEXION BAR’. And the CALOLEA fellow at the market (the brother of CALOLEA owner Michael Keller) tells customers that the soap contains only three ingredients: their olive oil, glycerine and some natural fragrances.  But this is 100% not true. And worse….  Continue reading