Not Oz Rabble Rousers are not hotheads. We work from facts.  And sometimes, the facts are OUTRAGEOUS.

Elections rarely produce the change they promise.  If we want that change, we need to do more than vote every two to four years.

We need to EDUCATE OURSELVES and ACCURATELY CHARACTERIZE THE PROBLEMS when we uncover them…and sadly, there are some pretty heinous things being uncovered this year right here in little Alameda (not so little, 70,000+ residents!) .

TO SOLVE for these very real problems that threaten our quality of life, our health and longevity, we must


-ENGAGE our everyone you know: friends, neighbors, colleagues

-INFORM our elected representatives – they can’t perform unless we tell them of what we think is best

-DEMAND BETTER of those that are failing us.

-PURSUE LEGAL ACTION when elected officials behave illegally.


EMAIL:  RaisingHellForGood@gmail.com


3 responses to “About

  • Judy Seymour

    Hi Denise, I’ve just subscribed to your blog. I met you in person briefly at the Budget meeting on Thursday night. I want you to know that many people find the information you put in your blog very valuable. You’re very clear-thinking and obviously very intelligent. You’re also not afraid to present facts that our city officials should be presenting but don’t for whatever reason. You’re often ahead of the media in your research and I feel you do your homework. I found your suggestions for Alameda Hospital becoming an urgent care center very thought-provoking and feel that, although you’re criticizing them, you’re attempting to find a way for the Hospital to survive. So keep up the good work, Denise! Your readership will grow. I’ve recently sent your link to about 8 of my friends and neighbors and they’re becoming new readers. Judy Seymour

    • Denise Lai

      Thanks Judy! looking forward to more discussions so that we all can be better informed and ENGAGED residents! A democracy needs an informed public that is interested in Managing Up, otherwise we deserve what we get….and what we have been getting in Alameda is pretty horrid….we need the following: the local papers to be delivered to every doorstep every week, people to read them, people to start participating. I thought perhaps we should have a Civic Engagement Tour of the City of Alameda, so that people unfamiliar with City Hall, the police and fire stations, might become familiar and more likely to participate. What do you think?

  • Susan G

    yes to “Civic Engagement Tour of the City of Alameda” (“CETCOA or “CETCOM” – sounds very state-department-y…so we’d probably get funding!!)

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