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Swimming is our right.

In Alameda, swimming and access to a pool is practically an inherited right.  Think about it: the Franklin and Lincoln pools that were built in the 1950s by Mr. Weeden and Mr. Stolte on city land and are still maintained by ASPA (Alameda Swimming Pool Association) volunteers to this day so that all kids can learn to swim. Programs for Kindergartners and seniors are free to non-members.  And it’s not easy maintaining the pools (2 per site, one kiddie, one lap) and keeping the annual membership so low that most families can continue to afford to participate (under $400/year for each household). It’s really quite a gift and quite an inheritance for every Alameda resident. The pools are great family recreation and lap swimming pools, but they don’t even begin to hold muster when it comes to competitive swimming; they are abysmally obsolete.  As are our high school pools which need $4M in repairs…just to keep them pools open, just to repair the existing, highly substandard, pools.  And THAT makes no sense at all.

WHAT I WOULD LOVE TO SEE ON THE BALLOT THIS NOVEMBER:  a one-time tax of $100 per resident that would raise nearly $7M and deliver a new aquatic facility with a diving pool and a combined lap/waterpolo pool (or dare I dream, two pools? one for lap swimming and one for water polo?) and a green park surrounding for our community and for the East Bay. It would be a win-win all the way around: for our kids, our city, and our economy.  … Continue reading