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Want LBNL?

Think move AFD (Alameda Fire Department) to ACFD (Alameda County Fire Department). Seriously.

One cannot but think that the recent extreme and unnecessary failures of our AFD (FISC, Crude Oil, Zack) will impact the lab’s decision to locate in Alameda.

One cannot but think the substandard management at the AFD would be an issue for the LBNL. It seems to me that the fact that Mayor Gilmore replaced a qualified chief with an unqualified one would be a red flag for the LBNL team looking at Alameda. Our AFD Interim Fire Chief D’Orazi lacks the qualifications to be a chief officer: see for yourself: the qualifying documents for the AFD management are here.  And doesn’t that mean D’Orazi’s title should be Acting Interim Fire Chief?

And worse:  the two qualified assistant chiefs at AFD recently departed: Fisher and Vogelsang. … Continue reading