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I finally had time to read the Grijalva Report—you know, the output of the “independent investigation” into the City of Alameda’s response to Mr. Zack on May 31, 2011, when he went out in to the water at Crown Beach to pray, perhaps to commit suicide but this is not certain. The city council meeting is tomorrow/Tuesday night (10/11/11) at Alameda City Hall, 7p, to discuss this report. Be there. Why?

The Grijalva Report is a sham. …  Continue reading


Video: Last Nights City Council Meeting

Online now here.

Go to 41.55 minutes to see The Crown Beach Event discussion, aka The Zack Assisted Suicide.

If you’re not outraged, you haven’t been paying attention!

Alameda City Council Meeting: TODAY, Tuesday, June 7, 7 PM

Agenda item: City Manager’s discussion of The Crown Beach Event, aka The Zack Assisted Suicide

Meeting Location: Second Floor, City Hall, 2263 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda

I hope you’ve seen the TV news keeping the heat on city hall:  KTVU Channel 2, ABC and NBC Bay Area. Last night’s 10 O’Clock news segment on Alameda is here.

I’ve been conducting a lot of research on this.  If you think we should not be outraged, email me; let’s talk:

The AFD is lying about budget cuts–there were none (read below for details) and hiding behind protocols. It’s wrong. Worse, their failure to perform was lethal to one of our own, to someone they are sworn to protect and save. Like their failed responses to the 2009 FISC fire and the 2010 Crude Oil Transfer & Spill, these response failures caused further harm to us rather than protecting us! Unless we, en masse, demand better of our city, nothing will change. Please come to tonight’s meeting and bring everyone you know!

We cannot continue our mute tolerance of this! We are each of us at risk! Come to City Hall tonight and help change this with a show of force!

Still not convinced?  Keep reading… Continue reading

Lethal Clusterf*ck

Rescue Boats Stood Ready, but Alameda NEVER REQUESTED THEM.  << click to see full article at Action Alameda News.

Yes, folks. Research was done. FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests made. Impossible things are being learned. Read David Howard’s article (link above).

AFD and APD have not honored most requests (hopeful delay tactics will make us go away? NOT.)  Stay tuned for more facts.

Shrovetide, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras

Is that why nothing is making sense today?

Let’s see….

1. The City of Alameda now fines you $25 if you don’t have a current sticker on your license plate and are parked on a city street; the ticket calls it “Illegal Parking”. No more courtesy Fix It tickets.  HUH?

2. I’ve been trying for 2 weeks now to look into my vehicle registration online. But the DMV’s website says my license number and my VIN number don’t match (yes, they do), and won’t let me use their system. …   Continue reading

Gobs of GOBs (and this has to change!)

BAAQMD (Bay Area Air Quality Management District), quite honestly, rocks.  More specifically, Inspector Simon Winer rocks.

You’ll remember the November 4th Wall of Stink we all sucked into our eyes and lungs from the illicit crude oil transfer between Public Service Marine’s (a misnomer if there ever was one!) Jovalan barge and the Olympic Spirit barge out at Reefer Dock…

Here are the facts about that day, and the facts are outrageous.

Public Safety Marine Inc. (PSMI) was “founded in 1978 to build and operate the barge Jovalan, which transported petroleum products for public utilities in Southern California.” PSMI has been the exclusive shipper of crude oil out of VENOCO’s Ellwood, California terminal (formerly ARCO) in Santa Barbara County.

The Jovalan, a single hull barge, was state of the art in the 1980s. Not so much, however, after the 1990 Oil Pollution Act (OPA) went into effect requiring crude oil to be transferred in double-hull crafts. Yet the Jovalan continued to be given a state permit to run crude oil up from SoCal to the SF Bay Area. (In fact, its current permit does not expire until 2012.[!]) Sometime between 1990 and now, local refineries stopped accepting deliveries from single-hull crafts.  Yet VENOCO continued to load crude oil onto the Jovalan, a single-hull barge whose singular activity is transporting petroleum to the SF Bay Area.  Neither VENOCO, the Santa Barbara County Energy, nor any of those in the petroleum industry in the SF Bay Area thought this enough of a problem to speak up or do something about it. Huh?

In 2002, Harley Marine (Seattle, WA) who bought Public Service Marine and the Jovalan with it. … Continue reading