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Bob Sullwold

Bob Sullwold is doing a great job reporting on why our city continues to head in directions that do not make sense. He has sources, he explains past events that tie to current ones, and he’s a good writer.

HEAD OVER TO BOB’S BLOG HERE where he’s written a great expose on the how we got and lost the Rockerfeller Grant.

Bob has coined the most apt logo ever for our city: Fire Knows Best

Let’s help him get that changed by helping as many Alamedans become informed as possible.

Please read and share Bob’s blog articles far and wide.


Write Now.

Showing up at the June 21st City Council Meeting to voice your opposition to the Mayor’s expected approval of the city’s contract with the firefighters…..will be too late. I believe that the current firefighter’s contract—-about to be before, and approved by, Mayor Gilmore—-is not in our best interest. How could it be? It doesn’t take into account the horrific event on Memorial Day!

If you wait, if we all wait, until Tuesday to voice opinions about this, it will be too late; that contract will be a done deal. She’ll sit there, listen to what you say, and vote to approve it anyway.

If you really REALLY want to do something about this, if you want the city to postpone approving the firefighter contract next week, if you think the city should move forward more prudently, then in order to effect that, you must WRITE right NOW: ….. Continue reading

Video: Last Nights City Council Meeting

Online now here.

Go to 41.55 minutes to see The Crown Beach Event discussion, aka The Zack Assisted Suicide.

Gobs of GOBs (and this has to change!)

BAAQMD (Bay Area Air Quality Management District), quite honestly, rocks.  More specifically, Inspector Simon Winer rocks.

You’ll remember the November 4th Wall of Stink we all sucked into our eyes and lungs from the illicit crude oil transfer between Public Service Marine’s (a misnomer if there ever was one!) Jovalan barge and the Olympic Spirit barge out at Reefer Dock…

Here are the facts about that day, and the facts are outrageous.

Public Safety Marine Inc. (PSMI) was “founded in 1978 to build and operate the barge Jovalan, which transported petroleum products for public utilities in Southern California.” PSMI has been the exclusive shipper of crude oil out of VENOCO’s Ellwood, California terminal (formerly ARCO) in Santa Barbara County.

The Jovalan, a single hull barge, was state of the art in the 1980s. Not so much, however, after the 1990 Oil Pollution Act (OPA) went into effect requiring crude oil to be transferred in double-hull crafts. Yet the Jovalan continued to be given a state permit to run crude oil up from SoCal to the SF Bay Area. (In fact, its current permit does not expire until 2012.[!]) Sometime between 1990 and now, local refineries stopped accepting deliveries from single-hull crafts.  Yet VENOCO continued to load crude oil onto the Jovalan, a single-hull barge whose singular activity is transporting petroleum to the SF Bay Area.  Neither VENOCO, the Santa Barbara County Energy, nor any of those in the petroleum industry in the SF Bay Area thought this enough of a problem to speak up or do something about it. Huh?

In 2002, Harley Marine (Seattle, WA) who bought Public Service Marine and the Jovalan with it. … Continue reading

We are not Oz.

okay, it’s beautiful here and the people are wonderful, friendly, hella-nice.  But sometimes the air stinks and the emergency responders, who are charged with protecting us, don’t do their jobs to stop the air pollution from harming us.  And sometimes we get sick and need emergency healthcare, and those in charge have gamed the system so that sometimes we won’t be able get the best care right away but they will be able to rake in the top-dollar for those pricey medical events. Who are they? Why are they doing this to us?  And how can we change our little corner of the world so that it best serves our community today and in the future? … Continue reading