Open Source COVID-19 medical supplies for the win!

Serious win-win.
I follow open source COVID-19 medical supply groups who use 3D printers and laser cutters to make medical half-face masks and full-face shields. I mentioned the extraordinary work being done, designs being tested for hospitals, and a wonderful and wonderfully smart human being in Santa Barbara immediately thought: why don’t we put these machines in our hospitals and staff them for PPEs stock and on-demand.
I put her in touch with an engineer in NYC who wanted to discuss this. They had a good conversation.
She put in several calls to her local Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, finally got to the right person who understood her ideas and the technology; that person reached out to the hospital’s partner, the Engineering Department at UCSB.
What happened: the head of UCSB engineering advised what machines and supplies would work for the hospital’s needed designs and production therefor; she bought the machines and supplies for the hospital. The engineering department has the machines and the engineering/staff/volunteers to man the machines and produce what the hospital needs.
My friend’s words: “…every community needs to have their citizens contribute to the cause. It is like a war effort. Small communities especially will not be on the government’s radar, they need to take charge and prepare on their own. Personal and community empowerment are our strongest defenses.”
I was literally i tears when I read her update today, totally verklempt. This is how it’s done people. Read the horrible facts about this virus, know them, and if you aren’t one of the people who personally solve for them, follow those who are, keep the conversation going, and create meaningful discussions around it.  You never know who can get what done.
Networking works! [my friend Bob’s mantra that I adopted years ago, founder, LinkSV.]

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