It’s on: Council of repeal

Tuesday, January 6, City Council Meeting Agenda is here. Time to start attending meetings, think what we think, and share it at the podium. This mayor respects and wishes to hear our ideas questions, and concerns. This mayor wants to optimize our future for we-the-residents. We can all now participate in our city democracy because, well, it’s no longer a waste of time. We can be co-creative (vs. the past decade where we were ignored and had to fight with laws and petitions to be heard). As Madam Mayor Spencer would say: LET’S DO THIS!

Alameda Merry-Go-Round

As one of her first official acts, Mayor Trish Spencer has placed on the January 6 Council agenda an item seeking repeal of the ordinances approving the Del Monte development project that were passed by the former Council as they headed for the exits.

Del Monte from Fortmann corner 3

The Merry-Go-Round suspects that those who backed the losers in the last election will characterize this move as a spiteful effort to undo the good works of the defeated and termed-out incumbents.  As such, it confirms the Inner Ringers’ caricature of Ms. Spencer as the candidate of “No.”

But our mission is not to incite ad hominem attacks on the new Mayor.  (There’s already a daily blog dedicated to that purpose).  Instead, we want to explore what kind of case Ms. Spencer and her supporters can make – on the merits – for reversing the prior Council’s action.

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