She did it. She’s our next mayor. As one fellow summed it up on facebook: “I can move back to Alameda now.”


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3 responses to “Trish!!!

  • Wendy

    Celebration time! Hoping Trish can reverse damage and curb the outrageous reckless housing development and big box stores. Talk to any merchant on Park or Webster, and South Shore yes, they are losing business to Target and it will only worsen if we don’t have a mayor and council that fight for the integrity of Alameda as an individualized, unhomogenized, beautiful city with beaches, golf courses, wetlands, open space, small businesses, and less traffic. This city can’t handle any more people!!! We want people moving here who want to keep our town nice , not a stepping stone housing for quick access to the SF, but our own community!

  • Denise Lai

    AGREED. And now we must all continue to be fully engaged so that Mayor Trish can lead us in the directions that make sense and that we prefer. Go Trish! Go We-The-Residents! LET’S DO THIS.

  • vigi

    For the first time ever, every one I voted for in a local election WON. Alameda is finally emerging from the Twilight Zone

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