Trish Spencer for Mayor

What Mr. Gorelick said. AGREE 100%.



For what it’s worth, I will be voting for Trish Spencer.  For the good of Alameda, the cartel that runs Alameda politics is BAD(TM) for the city.

1.  They give too much money and power to the fire department.

2.  We only don’t notice how much money/power the police have because the fire department is so much more powerful, but there is too little oversight of the police budget as well.

3.  The present administration is way too cozy with developers.

4.  The clique that surrounds and supports the present administration (Lauren Do, John Knox White, Karen Quick, etc.) are fatuous at best and bullies at worst.   They will generally dismiss/attack legitimate concerns ignoring the fact that the city is headed towards bankruptcy and overdevelopment.

I’ll keep this short because I doubt anyone cares and I am classified as being on the cranky fringe of Alameda politics (see #4…

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2 responses to “Trish Spencer for Mayor

  • Patsy Baer

    Denise Who’s writing is this ahdboardeg blog who says Gilmore will probably get reelected? All in the first person with no name? Patsy

  • Denise Lai

    Patsy: that was Elliott himself, apparently completely hopeless after his stint on the healthcare district board; and who can blame him? HOWEVER: THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE IS STRONGER THAN THE PEOPLE IN POWER. LET’S DO THIS! VOTE TRISH FOR MAYOR ON NOVEMBER 4, 2014!!!

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