Yesterday, Trish Herrera Spencer, current school board member, pulled papers to run for Mayor!  WOOT!

Some quotes from Trish’s facebook page where she announced her run:

“You are everywhere in Alameda I’ve never seen anyone so active with the people. Trish for mayor! For the people and
by the people! Let’s do this!”

Congratulations for throwing in your hat!!!  You can make a difference!!!! You have a lot of people who support you in Alameda – yeah!!!”

“OMG! (we) were just saying that you should totally run for mayor! Congrats!!!”

“You got MY vote sweetie! Let me know if you need help with the campaign, Madam Almost Mayor.”

“Oh my goodness I am so excited! Couldn’t think of a better candidate!”

“Thank you, Trish!!!! What can i do to help?”

“Trish. I’m so excited for you and happy for Alameda!”

“Please post your ACTBLUE fundraising page ASAP so we can get behind you now!”

“Go Trish!! You have my support and my vote!”


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