Del Monte Warehouse Project, con’t


City of Alameda Planning Board Meeting


City Hall, 2263 Santa Clara Avenue

PLAN! Alameda is pro-development: the sustainable kind that also gives us livable streets . . . but has this to say about this project:

The proposal for 414 housing units on the site of the Del Monte plant is unacceptable as-is. 

    • It is too big
    • The parking plan violates city code
    • Impact to the entire community has not studied
    • There has been NO community involvement (as promised)

Learn more at their facebook group here, and their google+ group here.  Twitter: @PLANAlameda

Who’s PLAN! Alameda? Glad you asked:

PLAN! Alameda Proactive, Logical And Neighborly

Mission Statement

To hold the City Council and City Manager accountable for actively engaging community participation in planning sensible, responsible and sustainable growth for the island of Alameda.

Who We Are

PLAN! Alameda was formed when a group of neighbors began comparing notes about the scope of the proposed 414-unit housing development project at the Del Monte warehouse. As we started researching the proposed plan and digging through documents on the City website, we realized that large scale developments all over the northern waterfront area are being considered and are near to being approved – up to 2,000 new housing units! With one already over-loaded, aging tube to handle all the on- & off-island traffic on the West End, serious concerns over rapid approval of development projects were raised.

What began as a concern for parking in our neighborhood has grown into the realization that large-scale development proposals are being encouraged by our own city staff, without any consideration of the impact on the city as a whole (lack of public transportation infrastructure, schools, police, traffic).

PLAN! Alameda supports and looks forward to smart development that will benefit the entire island in a socially, economically and environmentally positive way.  Before any more large-scale projects are approved, the infrastructure to support this type of development must be evaluated, planned and built.  Two-thousand new housing units with insufficient parking and no realistic public transportation model is not a “plan.”

What We Want

The only way to prevent the inevitable crisis that comes from poorly planned development is to hold off on more development until a cohesive, reasonable, forward-thinking plan can be developed.

The City Council must:

  • Issue an immediate moratorium on all new single-family and housing mixed-use development projects
  • Convene a task force comprised of residents, developers and urban/transportation development professionals to explore alternatives
  • Implement a proactive “community input and design” forum, modeled on the current WETA initiative:
  • Seek advice from other cities that have “been there/done that.” Boston, for example, has a very successful and engaged “livable streets” initiative. Urban and transportation planners sit on their Board of Directors.



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