June 19th: DEL MONTE WAREHOUSE Developer Presentation at Mastick

Here’s an email that went out to a sparse few that live near the Del Monte warehouse. I did not get one, but it was posted on facebook group “Alameda Peeps” (very active local group, please join!):

Dear Neighbor:

You are invited to a presentation on Tim Lewis Communities’ proposal 
for a new mixed use community master plan for the Del Monte 
Warehouse, located at 1501 Buena Vista Avenue in Alameda. The
master plan contains up to 414 units (up 308 in the Del Monte
Warehouse and the remainder in two new structures). This evening
presentation will be an opportunity for you to see the proposed site
plan for this new community and ask questions. The presentation will
be held on Thursday, June 19th from 7:30 PM until 8:30 PM at the
Mastick Senior Center, located at 1155 Santa Clara Avenue in Alameda.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Tim Lewis Communities


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2 responses to “June 19th: DEL MONTE WAREHOUSE Developer Presentation at Mastick

  • Wendy

    It’s already a done deal, this was planned long before an of Alameda’s citizens had any day in it. $$$$$

    About Tim Lewis from yelp:
    Tim Lewis Construction-
    Melanie I.
    161 friends 244 reviews
    OK, I live in a big, beautiful house, but Tim Lewis has AWFUL customer service. When we did our scheduled walk-through, they had forgotten to clean, and our brand new house was filthy. We found 27 items to be corrected on our walk-through list. After months of nagging, we got about ten of them fixed, and eventually fixed the rest ourselves, because it was to much trouble to keep calling them.
    From our sliding glass door, there was a 2 foot drop to the small cement square below it. Our yard and several neighbors yards were not graded, so that when it rained, water flowed towards the house, causing several neighbors to have mold problems.
    Now (6 years later), many of us are having problems with our windows ( I believe the term is de-laminating), where they get moisture between the panes. Apparently, you cannot sell a home with this problem. We have left 2 messages with the customer service rep, who has not called back. (these calls were a month ago).
    Some neighbors have had their windows replaced, and while the window company paid for the windows, the home-owners had to pay for the labor.
    Our neighbors all agree with us that they would not buy another Tim Lewis Home.
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