Paging Ms. Albuquerque!

Thank you Mr. Sullwold.

Alameda Merry-Go-Round

Thank goodness the taxpayers of Alameda have Mayor Marie Gilmore and Vice Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft around to protect them from the shortsightedness of the supporters of open space!

This spring, the open-space advocates managed to get 6,437 signatures on petitions requiring the City to re-zone the 3.9-acre parcel next to Crab Cove known as Neptune Pointe from multi-family residential to open space.  On May 16, the Alameda County Registrar of Voters certified that the petitions contained sufficient valid signatures to qualify the measure for submission to the electorate.

So all that remained for Council to do was the ministerial act of placing the initiative on the November ballot – right?

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