City Shenanigans

A whole lot of people wrote Alameda’s mayor and city councilmembers to complain about their work strategizing (pushing) for housing at Crown Beach, and demanded they reverse position on the July 3rd evening vote against Measure WW.  Curiously, for such a significant decision that affects our future quality of life, we heard back only from City Councilmember Ashcraft (not the mayor or any other councilmembers responded to anyone I know). And Ashcraft’s somewhat detailed, not short, email was rife with dissemblance (disguising something, their true intent perhaps? To sell out to developers?).

Apparently our elected representatives don’t think we can track events over time or parse facts from lies.

So here you go people:

1) Ashcraft’s email (sent to many people, the same email) here.

2) Eugenie Thomson’s and Friends of Crown Beach‘s rebuttal (rife with facts) here.

Read and weep. This is who the residents of the City of Alameda elected. We have a rare and valuable situation here in Alameda, a lot of land on baylands with views in the SF Bay Area. Our elected officials seem to be stuck in a 1950s mindset with regard to development. Everyone I talk to in Alameda has tremendous vision for our city island.  Why don’t they? Why are they, at every turn it seems, doing the opposite of what residents desire and what fits a forward-thinking 21st century city?

To stay abreast of this subject, please email Friends of Crown Beach and ask to be added to their list of supporters (no donation required):


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