In case you missed it . . .

Alameda Healthcare District intends to merge with Alameda Health System.

The notice (here) says it was posted on Friday, 6/14, (it wasn’t), and that it includes a 36-page document (it doesn’t).

It was posted today, Father’s Day, at 10a.

The Alameda Healthcare District is—by all intents, constructions, and purposes—intent on all of us missing this notice and not participating in this rather significant discussion.

How do you feel about the Alameda Healthcare District spending the $7,000,000 we give them in taxes each year to merge with an organization that owns Highland HospitalHighland WellnessEastmont WellnessHayward Wellness at WintonNewark WellnessFairmont Hospital, and John George Psychiatric Hospital? And that is funded by Alameda Health System Foundation?

How do you feel about that merger and their continued use of our $7M in annual taxes?

Did you know: the annual levy of taxes on us is optionalThe AHD Board votes on it each summer. Just so you know: there is no oversight and the AHD board continues to create business strategies around having that free money each year (no interest, etc.). And those business strategies never seem to focus on the healthcare needs of the resident population (you know, the reason the healthcare district was created and the taxes levied on us?).

Alameda Healthcare District’s special meeting tomorrow night will discuss: Approval of Resolution 2013-3K: Approving Proposed NonBinding Letter of Intent to Explore Affiliation of the City of Alameda Health Care District (Alameda Hospital) with Alameda Health System and Authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to Execute and Deliver the Letter of Intent to Alameda Health System

     MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2013

6:30 p.m. (OPEN)
Location: Alameda Hospital (Dal Cielo Conference Room)
2070 Clinton Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501

Is it any wonder Elliott Gorelick resigned ?!


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