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Elliott Gorelick’s post today warrants republishing (see below here).  And PLEASE SHARE this post with others; it could protect one’s quality of life. It could safe a life.

The hospital itself told me they nearly killed me in the Emergency Department (ED) a couple of years ago, they don’t know why I didn’t die. This, during a minor (read: easy straight forward diagnosis and treatment) medical emergency (that was extremely painful, i.e., required emergency attention). Not only did I nearly die whilst in the Alameda Hospital ED, I was about 200% worse once home . . . and had to seek emergency medical treatment again within hours of having left Alameda Hospital.  I chose Alta Bates the second time. The comparison of Alta Bates to Alameda was stark: whereas Alameda Hospital’s records listed me as a child who arrived with her parent and overdosed me with pain-meds that a junkie would have a hard time surviving and left me to languish for hours without staff observing or attending to me, was filthy (the bed had hair and and other human material on it), AB was spotlessly clean, staff was attentive and efficient, the doctor was truly interested in solving my medical issues, and my condition was addressed & relieved without putting me at further risk.

On another day, I had a friend call me from Alameda Hospital ED around 5p. She’d been in the ED since late morning, diagnosed with a minor stroke, had not been put on an IV, had not been allowed food or water, and was told they were keeping her overnight. She called to ask me to help her get transfered to a hospital with a stroke unit. (!) She was, of course, dehydrated. D’oh. This comprises malpractice in and of itself! Anyway, I dropped everything and ran down there. When I very politely helped her ask (again) for food, water, and a transfer to Eden Hospital, the staff got surly. The nurse literally threw a half-sandwich onto the foot of her bed and said something like “if she gets worse, it’s not on me!”.  Despite being the one who diagnosed a stroke, the doctor was haughty and infuriated that my neighbor wanted a transfer to a stroke center. During the 1.5 hour we waiting for the ambulance who would transfer her to Eden, Alameda’s hospital staff ignored her, walked past her bed multiple times, and threw dark looks our way.  It was all quite unbelievable, like a very bad B movie. But this was the culture across all staff—doctors and nurses—to mistreat the patient in this way. It was not one person, it was everyone on duty that day. How frightening is that? Their dysfunctional social culture is more important than adhering to standard medical procedures!

These are but two anecdotal stories. And read my prior posts about the hospital; these kinds of shenanigans have been ongoing since the 1980s. Current (disturbing) facts about the hospital abound.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Mr. Gorelick and inquire. He’s unbiased, fact-based, and can answer your questions or tell you how to get them answered.

Elliott Gorelick, Alameda Healthcare District Board Member:

It’s time we learned more, stopped the travesty that is our tax-dollars supporting local sub-standard medical care!

I had a need for urgent care a couple of months ago (black widow spider bites—and did you know that Alameda is infested?) and discovered that Summit now has an Urgent Care Department (UCD).  So we do have choices now: if you need urgent care, go to Summit ED (where they do triage and place you into their UCD).  And if you require emergency response, be sure to tell the AFD paramedics exactly which hospital you prefer: if you’re conscious, you can choose which hospital. If you’re unconscious, paramedics follow their protocols, many of which [including for stroke] require they take you to Alameda Hospital [this is another reason to shut the place down!]. I highly recommend researching the expertise and stats of the various hospital EDs so that you are well-prepared to choose for yourself if/when needed.

Now, on to Mr. Gorelick’s post (and, sadly, what a terribly apt quote for Alameda!):

Nothing Will Change

Posted on May 9, 2013by egorelick

“They were careless people, Tom and Daisy- they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.”

No posts because nothing really changes.   Consistently wrong is the mantra of the Board and Management.  Political connections trumps facts.  Perception trumps reality.  The Hospital will just go on losing money and killing people no matter how many predictions of profitability prove false or no matter how many fines, surveys, or statistics suggest that people would be better off receiving their care elsewhere.


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2 responses to “The Hospital.

  • MM

    Unfortunately, I have had horrific experiences at Alta Bates, Kaiser, Highland, and a few others. I find West Coast hospitals quite sub-standard to New England facilities as a whole. I rarely get sick, the doctors at Alta Bates did not believe I was bitten by a Lyme tick, even with the tell tale bulls-eye rash, they were a bunch of idiots. Kaiser oakland is the dirtiest hospital I have ever stepped foot in.

    • Denise Lai

      EDs are not the right venue for urgent care issues. But for a real, imminently life-threatening emergency, an ED offers skilled diagnostic and treatment services from field to ED that Alameda Hospital does not provide. Statistics show for cardiac and vascular events, the sooner one is seen within a certified cardiac or stroke system, such as Alta Bates and Eden provide, the significantly better the outcomes along with lower mortality rates. Why on earth does Alameda Hospital want us to be routed through them when it’s contrary to the best interests of our health, quality of life, and longevity? Follow the money.

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