The Navy is bamboozling San Francisco

On Treasure Island, significant radioactive contamination has been found where it should not have been, or rather, where the Navy claims there is none.  The Navy, it is now being proven, willfully disregards its own history and only “looks” for the contaminants it want to look for, ignoring the rest . . . and then lying about how independent legitimate testing–that shows significantly different results than the Navy is disclosing—does not mean anyone should look closer, do more tests, consider additional contaminants. Yeah right.

The Bay Citizen investigated this and reported on it yesterday in a story titled:

Nuclear byproduct levels on Treasure Island higher than Navy disclosed

Alameda: consider ourselves warned.


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One response to “The Navy is bamboozling San Francisco

  • Bertha

    Horrible! This should be Chronicle and Tribune front page news. What a surprise. Where are the SF bay activists in this? Instead of the military spending billions on the war on terror, it should be cleaning up its own toxic terror mess, war on Americas own people, causing cancer.

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