Wall Street Comes to Alameda!


Now here’s a story that should be brought to the attention of our county supes… This is stunning; in a county as poor and needy …and a public servant is pulling down a huge amount of money, not as bad as Bell, but bad enough. Check the link below, if you can’t see it go to sfgate or read today’s Chron. Alameda’s county’s administrator, Susan Muranishi pulls down $423,664 a year, $24,000 in equity pay to assure she makes at least 10% more than anyone else in the county. and about $54,000 a year for having stayed with the county for more than 30 years, and a yearly performance bonus of $24,000 It gets better…. an additional $9,000 a year for serving on an ad hoc committee of the Board that oversees the sale of excess land. But wait! she also gets an $8,292 yearly car allowance, and finally she also has separate exec. private pension for which the county chips in $ 46,500 a year.!!!

And here’s an interesting fact; I recognized her picture in the sfgate (it wasn’t in the Matier & Ross article) as a person who enjoys our Mariner Square Hot tub with non other than Keith Carson who represents Berkeley on the county Board. And the article says he voted for her deal not realizing how the numbers were ballooning up over the years” (!!)


Anyway I think we should blast this off to all we know requesting letters to be sent to our county supes urging them to restructure her compensation. Then we should look for candidates to replace those who voted for this crime.

– Gretchen (the watch- dog, not the lap dog)



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