City of Alameda: Villainous

Our city took a position in court yesterday that our public safety services did not have a duty to rescue Raymond Zack.  Our elected officials and city manager should be ashamed of themselves.

See the story on last night’s ABC news here; excellent reporting by Alan Wang.

Mr. Wang, however, was provided false information. He reported that our fire department did not have funding for water rescue training. To do that, Mr. Wang had to have believed what he was told, which means that disinformation had to have come from a source he believed to be credible. So who gave him the disinformation? Was it our city? Our fire department? The firefighter’s union, IAFF Local 689?

The City of Alameda funded water rescue training and re-certifications to be completed in 2009 (source document is here).

The City of Alameda budgeted for the AFD to perform 8 to 10 water rescues per year for 2009 -2012 (source document is here).

Every resident and visitor to the City of Alameda has a right to expect to be rescued by our public safety services.

Given the information in the source documents noted above: Without a doubt (it is incontrovertible that) we all—

Mr. Zack, his family, and all residents and visitors to the City of Alameda—

had a right to expect Mr. Zack to be rescued by our public safety services.

Our city is arguing that they had no duty to perform. How perverse. It is unconscionable that our city should argue this. And it is villainous . . . towards those the city is sworn to serve and protect. And that would be towards you and me, dear reader . . .

If the fire fighters don’t have to rescue—you know, the ones who pay taxes so that we have police and fire, so that we have a safe city–what the hell do we pay them for?  Our elected officials have deemed year over year that it’s appropriate to spend most of the city’s tax revenue on exhorbitant payroll packages for public safety services.  Not rescuing Mr. Zack is not what I expected my tax dollars to buy, did you?

See my prior blogpost comparing our city to the extraordinary examples set by police and fire in other nearby cities, here. All our firefighters and paramedics had to do was walk out into extremely calm 4 foot deep water….oh, and give a damn about a resident’s life.

The city’s position towards we-the-residents is nothing short of villainous.

sidebar: Just how much is this travesty costing us for Greg Fox, the hired outhouse attorney?


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