Walker’s 3 Criteria

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s three criteria upon which the relationship between public workers and taxpayers should be evaluated, adapted for our city:

  1. Equity in employment benefits and burdens between public and private workers
  2. The preservation of core government services for all Alamedans
  3. Linked to both these goals: the improvement of the City of Alameda’s economic competitiveness.

Like Scott Walker, our city government needs to stop hiding from our budget plight, begin managing our general fund properly and that means first and foremost a.) reduce fire overstaffing b.) reduce top-paid city worker salaries across the board, and c.) negotiate in earnest with our fire and police unions for real concessions (not the meaningless kind you can splash across pricey mailers for sounds bites).

If the city laid off the 15 excess/unnecessary fire captains, we’d save nearly $4M just in salaries/benefits alone.  That’d be an immediate solution to our short-tem budget woes, would be a first step toward optimizing fire services, and give us time to map out a responsible long-term budget. It’s a win-win. There is no good reason for not doing this; so why isn’t our city leadership and management considering this?!


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3 responses to “Walker’s 3 Criteria

  • Marie

    Eventually city hall will need to wake up to the truths you outline above.
    They are clearly still living in the past when this stuff went unnoticed.
    I’m really curious to know what the next move on AFD’s part will be.
    I really have to thank the Alameda Sun for publishing salary information,
    I think it really opened some eyes.

  • Denise Lai

    Marie: it looks like the city has given the AFD $400,000 to spend on the redesign of Fire Station 3, the FS on Grand at Pacific. Of all the fire stations, FS3 is the one we absolutely do not need. The1.5 mile service radius from Fire Stations One (2401 Encinal) and Two (635 Pacific) more than sufficiently cover the are that FS3 covers. The city should be closing FS3, selling the property, and saving the money it take to maintain, staff, & equip a station. But they are not. It looks like they are planning on expanding FS3. Another inexcusable ad significant waste of our precious tax dollars.

  • Marie

    They are self-serving jerks who have been getting away with murder.
    FS3 should certainly close if what you say is true, and I say this living close to FS3. They moved out of the original building, I have heard, and moved next door, due to the original being seismically unsafe. Have they fixed the original building? Evidently not. I doesn’t surprise me that they want a new firehouse. We have an AFD and city hall which badly needs a reality check.

    Really, we don’t need these guys. Saving 10% by changing to the County sounds priceless to me.

    I hope they are leaving you alone now. You’ve been vindicated.

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