Pointing out the obvious . . .

I’ve written a fact-based well-researched blogpost (see below or here) about Measure C on the June 5th ballot. Curiously, the firefighters are suddenly driving past my house, driving on my block alone (zig-zagging over from the main nearby throughfare streets) on a daily basis now. Is this meant to threaten and silence me?

They did this in 2011 when my op-eds online and in the local papers addressed the several significant failures we’ve suffered from at the hands of the Alameda Fire Department, and when I had my cameo in the SF Chronicle’s scathing article about city management. So this is  a pattern, not just a happenstance.

Are they trying to bully me? Doesn’t it seem ridiculous in the 21st century? That we cannot have open dialogs about the facts without being threatened? Kind of proves the point I make in my op-ed if the ff’s feel they have to act out in this way, doesn’t it?

The fire services needs some serious downsizing in staff and facilities, per national firefighting industry standards. Pointing the obvious out—when everyone who runs the city is ignoring this basic point—is apparently not acceptable to those benefiting from the largess of pay and the high staff-to-call ratio in our city.

Tell me, just what is so wrong with demanding the city streamline fire services since streamlining services is also optimizing them?! AND saving a minimum of $5 million dollars per year?! It’s in everyone’s best interests. Including the firefighters who, as employees, will be happier if their buildings, vehicles, equipments and work better fits our needs!

And if you haven’t seen KTVU Channel 2’s report last night on the anniversary of Mr. Zack’s wrongful death, you really should. It’s here.


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2 responses to “Pointing out the obvious . . .

  • Marie

    Having read about the Alameda Fire Dept. and seen for myself,
    I am NOT surprised, bur I am saddened.
    I hope they stop it soon. Don’t let them get you down, Denise.

  • Denise Lai

    Marie, thanks for the words of confirmation of the awful truth and encouragement.

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