Healthcare District.

The Alameda Healthcare District Board continues to be focused on the wrong business strategies with OUR money: expanding services specific to geriatric patients (wound care, sub-acute care, and long term care).  That’d be fine IF they had also solved for servicing the City of Alameda in a way that, oh, serves us!  If they’d spent the $60M+ tax dollars, free money, we’ve given them on becoming solvent and providing services that are most needed by resident Alamedans.  They haven’t. They aren’t even close to being financially responsible. Competing with world class medical centers across the estuary makes no sense: there’s no way they can catch up let alone keep up! Nor should they: there are plenty of medical services that are mundane yet very important to provide to resident Alamedans.

But their focus these days is spending our tax dollars in ways that doesn’t benefit most of us…..but does appear to benefit one particular board member and his practice: Dr. Deutsch.

The closed session meeting tomorrow morning…. is apparently to further discuss expansion businesses focused on the geriatric patient population and, in particular, long term care.

Yes, we all know that long-term care can be (emphasis on ‘can’) a profitable thing right now. But so is URGENT CARE.  ALL Alamedans can use urgent care, and would benefit from this far more than keeping a mediocre Emergency Department open, particularly since 80% or so of the cases, perhaps more, seen at the ED are urgent care cases….yet those going there are paying ED prices.  RIDIC.

Alameda Healthcare District Board Member Elliott Gorelick has asked that the “reports for August financials be available before next Wednesday’s special meeting so that the adherence (or lack of adherence) to the 2011/12 budget can be evaluated as part of the process of assessing the credibility of the plans that will be presented in closed session.”  They haven’t been made available. Which means they probably do not meet the criteria for fiduciary responsibility, again. When will they? And who in this city thinks the way our tax dollars are used and the strategies of the District makes sense?!

So here’s tomorrow’s meeting. If you have a mind, go speak it—give them a piece of it—before they go into closed session early tomorrow morning:


City of Alameda Health Care District Special Board Meeting

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

7:30a: Closed Session

9:00a: Open Session

Location: Alameda Hospital (2 East Board Room)


There’s no Public Comment section on the meeting’s agenda, but they have to allow the public to comment before they go into any closed session, so go for it.  Please.


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