Bad stuff. Good stuff.


We all thought the city council had met for its last meeting on July 19th, right? Until after their month-of-August recess.  But late yesterday our notorious mayor announced a city council meeting for tomorrow, Saturday… 8:15a……at City Hall West.  48 hours notice. At the height of summer. For a meeting in the West End. Early on a summer’s Saturday morning when most of the city is preparing to be at the Park Street’s 27th Annual Art & Wine Faire. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.

Let’s see…how many Alamedans do you know that even know about this meeting? Of those, how many fewer will be able to attend?

This is nothing short of disenfranchisement. It’s incredibly deliberate. It’s wrong. Why does our mayor continue to show such little regard for we-the-residents? …

CM Russo is out of town until Wednesday, presumably on summer holiday.  What kind of meeting could be this important then?

Aha, you say… unfilled position down at city hall: city attorney.  Isn’t that kind of an important appointment for city council to make?

Wouldn’t residents want to be a part of that discussion?  Most certainly. More importantly, the mayor and city council should want us to be! Two reasons: 1., we’d contribute valuable information, ideas, suggestions, and 2., itt is OUR city that they are supposed to be making decisions about related to what WE want, and not what serves their political careers, but what serves US best.

Then why is the discussion, perhaps a hiring, of a new city attorney being done, for all intents and purposes, under covers?

Clearly, they don’t really want our participation here. (This is the height of mockery, is it not?)

If you feel otherwise and think we should be included in this process (given ample notice, time to be informed, and then be heard), and you can actually make it with this late notice to City Hall West tomorrow morning at 8:15a, they have to listen to us speak before their closed session:  950 West Mall Square, Room 156 (map here).

Thanks to Action Alameda who brought this to everyone’s attention yesterday in the article here.  Apparently this sneaky meeting is about sliding Danny Wan into the position. Is Alameda the new Oakland?

Now for….



Open Letter to Mr. Bonta:

Congratulations in announcing your run for District Assembly in 2012. I’m sure you’ve learned much in your few months in office as Alameda councilmember, such as: n Relying on the Democratic Party machine and pandering to Asian American voters, as they’ll surely put a check on that box regardless of your actions and campaign funding sources. n Negotiating with unions such as the Alameda firefighters while accepting campaign contributions from them. Next time, you’ll learn not to undershoot the amount of kick-back money you could get for your treasury, Rob!

n Professing the desire to help one constituency, meanwhile opening the door to the next step up. I’m sure you’ll yet again say, “I’ve always hoped I could serve Alameda for as long as the voters would have me and this is a chance to strengthen and deepen my commitment to Alameda” as you run for U.S. Senate.

I’m sure you’re a real nice fellow. But everything you’ve done while in office has only reinforced my perception that you are simply another politician willing sell your votes for a chance at the next step up the ladder.

Your time in Alameda was well served — for you. You’ve learned that old politician’s tricks are still the most effective at getting elected, and re-elected, over and again. Just keep looking upwards and climbing, baby, because the responsibilities you leave behind may not be so pleasant.

To my fellow Alameda residents, let’s please use our heads instead of our hearts next time election time comes. One’s skin tone, party affiliation, or appealing rhetoric does not mean they stand for our interests. Be it President of the United States or a simple city councilmember, we must vote based on not what they say, but from where their money flows. After all, it’s not the puppets we’re voting in but the hands that hold the (purse) strings.

— Gene Oh


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4 responses to “Bad stuff. Good stuff.

  • alameda vigilante

    Well, this is exactly like the way our latest City Manager was selected. Remember? There was a Sat 9 AM closed session city council meeting w/the alleged 6 semi-finalists for THAT job @ The Hampton Inn @ HBI. No public spectators attended & it wasn’t recorded. Once again, I remind the citizens of Alameda that THERE IS NO EVIDENCE that anyone other than those 6 even submitted new applications for that job (based on the emails received from city staff in response to public records requests), & we only know the identities of 3 of them.
    But, hey, maybe “everyone’s [other cities] doing it”! Why not Alameda?

    • alameda vigilante

      I don’t know about you, but I’m getting fed up w/this seemingly incestuous relationship among city attorneys, managers, maybe even councilmembers. The same guy is city atty of both Pinole & Union City. Highsmith tried to be CA of both here & Barstow @ once. Bonta’s a councilman here & an SF city atty simultaneously. Russo just won the trifecta of having been a councilman, a city atty, & now a city manager. After his contract here runs out, rumor has it he’ll retire. Why do I get the feeling NONE of these people even try to represent the cities they work for but some massive conglomerate supplying the “top city officials pool”? No conspiracy theory; I just think it’s a BIG business. At least here in California. The same people run all the cities over a certain size. No more homegrown heroes.

  • Marie

    Yup, incestuous is the word that came to my mind also.

    There is nothing I can find about Danny that would lead me to believe he is the best person for the job.

    This whole thing is another stinking pile.

  • zizzlahLiz

    Gene Oh hit the nail on the head! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Follow the money, not the rhetoric. I hope the Asian voters Bonta used so shamelessly to get elected wake up in enough time to not send him to the assembly. He thinks he can be president. He scares me.

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