Mayor, orchestrate the meetings much?


Mayor Gilmore says she doesn’t want to ‘put the guy on the spot’ but asks some guy to come to the podium and explain the golf plans….and the guy has a multi-page speech prepared.…yeah. Right: THAT’s putting him ‘on the spot”. Orchestrate and manipulate meeting much, Mayor?   She has since her first meeting on December 28, 2010, in which she lied to fellow council members, dissembled about the agenda, had hired Meyers Nave prior to the meeting, and surreptitiously fired then City Manager Ann Marie Gallant .

What a joke. How can she NOT be wholly embarrassed? (hint: arrogance).

And WTF?  How can GilBonTamJo sit there and NOT address the very serious implications brought to their attention by those that asked WHY and HOW they could have taken money in recent months (2011!!!) from the Alameda Firefighters Association Political Action Committee into their 2010 political campaign accounts WHILE they were negotiating the contract with the firefighters?!

The failure to respond confirms the impropriety. For certainly, those operating with moral principles are confident and will speak to any complaint, would welcome sunshine. But failing to respond, well folks, THAT indicates confirmation of trading influence, of corruption.

It looks like Mayor Gilmore, Vice Mayor Bonta, City Council Members Tam and Johnson have been bought by the IAFF Local 689 in exchange for a fat retroactive contract for our underperforming, overpaid firefighters.

Peddling influence much, Mayor?!



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