The Alameda Healthcare District meeting is 7p on Monday, July 11th, at the hospital (second floor).




The majority on the board intend to vote to approve the levy of the parcel tax on us again for 2012. And they intend to spend that $5.5M on opening up a new facility on Atlantic Avenue (extremely pricey medical retrofitting) that serves off-island patient populations. HUH? That’s right: they intend to spend the free money we give them each year to sustain on-island medical services to serve us, the residents, on a business that focuses on serving the cities off-island. HUH?

I’m outraged at the audacity of the AHD board; aren’t you?!

Read on below to better understand the absolute impudence they have shown with this new business strategy.

And this critically important reading on the AHD Board: Should the Board Majority and Deborah Stebbins Resign?


In a city of around 75,000 people, a small subset, about 500 or so, residents need care for open wounds that won’t heal. They need specific in- and out-patient treatments for their wounds. But that’s a pretty small percent of our population, right?

Then WHY is the Alameda Healthcare District (AHD) spending the $5.5M in parcel tax dollars we give them on opening a wound care center on Atlantic Avenue?

The answer, directly from Alameda Hospital CEO Deborah Stebbins at last month’s AHD meeting: to serve (read: drive revenue from) off-island populations.  That’s right: their bright, shiny, new idea is to use our parcel tax dollars to start a new business to provide healthcare services that primarily meet the needs of non-Alamedans. HUH?!

It doesn’t make sense to spend all of the free money we give them on less than 1% of our population. That’s not healthcare for the residents of the city of Alameda. That’s highway robbery!

The Alameda Hospital Emergency Department (ED) sees, on average, 45 patients per day….. A full half or more of those patients are urgent care events, not ED events. Financially, it makes no sense to keep the ED open either. Medically, it doesn’t either: an ED is an expensive facility to maintain and is overkill for most urgent medical problems. (And we’ve got ambulances with paramedics—field equipment and capabilities on par with average EDs—that can whisk us away to world-class medicine at supra-normal EDs just a few minutes away off-island, if need be. Outcomes are worse, i.e., higher mortality, in a low-volume ED; read this.)

Urgent care centers are very profitable these days. They meet the needs of most of our daily urgent medical problems. And guess what? 100% of the resident population (and our visitors/guests) would use a UCC, and would benefit from them. If you’re going to open up a new business, it makes total sense—financially, medically, and fits industry trends—for the AHD to provide urgent care clinics for Alamedans, for us, with our tax dollars.  TOTAL SENSE.  It would serve all of us AND it would serve neighboring cities (Oakland, San Leandro) who don’t have urgent care centers either.

Yet the Alameda Healthcare District is starting a new business focused on a small percent of the geriatric patient population.

Smell a rat?!  Without a doubt, the new business strategy will attract, and thereby expand, the geriatric patient populations being served in Alameda for medical care because more off-islanders will be coming here for care.  Isn’t that the patient population Dr. Deutsch’s work relies upon?  Particularly in his new position as director of the subacute are facility?

LISTEN: to last month’s AHD meeting here. I talk at 19:01 minutes. CEO Deborah Stebbin’s response is at: 24:50; she confirms the facts I’m telling you here but thinks it makes sense (to focus on serving off-island geriatric patients).

AND THEN ATTEND THE MEETING AND SPEAK YOUR 3-MINUTES. The AHD Board is operating in a vacuum and it’s not doing anyone any good!

City of Alameda Health Care District Board Meeting

Monday, July 11, 2011

Agenda & Board Packet

Note Item No.VI. 3: Approval of Resolution 2011-12 – Levying the city of Alameda Health Care District Parcel Tax for the Fiscal Year 2011-201

6p: Closed Session

7p: Open Session

Location: Alameda Hospital (Dal Cielo Conference Room)


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One response to “Healthcare.

  • Marie

    I feel I’m really beginning to see the light here in Alameda.
    Thank you for revealing the incredibly self-serving group of
    people on the Healthcare Board.
    No way did we vote for serving off-island folks (no matter how deserving) through Alameda Hospital when we voted to keep the Hospital open.

    Don’t they have a mission statement which we could refer to when objecting to stuff like this? I’m beyond infuriated at the whole way Alameda is run like a private fiefdom.

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