Enough of the drivel already!

Alamedans came out in force tonight at City Hall and spoke eloquently, forcefully, and extremely heartfelt. Many people, each bringing something different to address the Zack Assisted Suicide.  New people who had never spoken at city hall before, came out and spoke.  Every single Alamedan was earnest and outraged. Well, except one, who shall remain nameless on this blog; but suffice it to say, he sputtered over some kind on nonsense about budgets and tried to make a case for the fire department; all he did was look confused and bumbling. Doug de Haan’s son spoke, and was EXCELLENT.  Many people were just AMAZING.  When the video tape is up, I’ll post the URL. It’s worth watching!!!

The mayor and city council showed not a drop of reality or humanity. …  Not one. In fact, given the gravity of the discussion, slow death by Alameda city fire fighters, it was not just underimpressive…it was infuriating. Drivel from Bonta.  A group of us walked out during his talk to display our disgust!  Concern for the firefighters from Tam.  Another group walked out, infuriated. We all stood in the hallway outside of council chambers frustrated and in disbelief at the contrived controlled—-staged—-programming with absolutely zero humanity behind it.  The Mayor does NOT get it. Any of it. GilBonTAm thought it was appropriate to have a controlled session—Gilmore kept reminding us not to clap—-with muzak-like droning spiels from them. No feeling. No substance. I was wondering who they paid to create the tight management and the obviously professionally written, legally defensive spiels. Why aren’t they embarrassed by how they behaved tonight?!  Man! They should be!

Business as freaking usual. And not one chief had the decency to be there and hear our cries!  Neither Interim Chief D’Orazi or Interim Chief Noonan had the stones. And THAT means they don’t have what it takes to fix this. They don’t have enough humility and concern for the public to come out and hear the public outcry?!?  And THAT is the core of the problem right there: top-down dysfunctionality spread down and across each organization. Hey, if the man at the top doesn’t have the stones to own this, why would anyone else under them?!

Interesting, a retired Oakland firefighter, Daniel Lisker, broke ranks and spoke about what so obviously went wrong.  But our police and fire staff? No freaking where to be seen!

The GilBonTam triad bought and paid for by the IAFF Local 689 don’t give a crap about the residents. Or about what happened. The feel like old jello, faded, bland, and empty of calories. Zero confidence was gained from them. How could it be?

And in a city of 75,000 people, there were not enough people willing to go out of their freaking way to fill council chambers and speak out tonight?! UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE people! THIS is why the city continues to be poorly run. Mute collusion. Those of you who are not speaking out, not doing something to make sure those in charge hear YOUR VOICE; this is on you.  I am in shock at how uninformed people are. Just tonight, one restaurant owner told me he knew nothing about the drowning. Uninformed doesn’t mean apathetic.  But people, those of you who know about this and are apathetic? Seriously? The result is this: California’s first ever cold-hearted assisted suicide courtesy of the City of Alameda.

The uncovered facts have made it to KQED:  be sure to see the very detailed KQED report on the city being caught lying and then changing their story; here.


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