Did AFD violate ACEMS protocols?

OMG!  Raymond Zack was still alive when he was brought to shore?  Then taken to Alameda Hospital?  I heard NOTHING in the news about a resuscitation attempt, but Delores Berry, Zack’s stepmother, says he was alive when he removed from the scene:

“I watched them put him in the ambulance,” Berry said. “I know he was still alive because he was shaking all over. I think it was hypothermia.”

Did paramedics at the scene perform resuscitation?  Did Alameda Hospital?  Was Alameda Hospital the best hospital to take Zack?

Alameda County EMS (ACEMS) protocols dictate that submersion victims either go to a trauma hospital (Highland) or a cardiac unit (Summit). Why was Zack taken to Alameda Hospital which is neither a trauma or a cardiac center?!?!

Did the AFD violate their, the ACEMS, protocols?

San Jose Mercury writer Peter Hegerty interviewed Berry; see his story here.


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