I just realized…

Because of our city’s first responders incompetency, Raymond Zack’s mother was left standing on the beach watching her son on the edge of suicide, considering it, looking back to her on shore periodically, until he gave in to the cold water and drowned?


Our city’s failures on Monday are nothing short of the worst kind of cruelty.  Can you imagine what this poor mother went through at the time?!?!  And has to live with for the rest of her life?!

And OMG, can you imagine what went through Raymond’s mind–in that suicidal state—that no one was rescuing him? It’s not like he didn’t give them time to; he gave them an hour!  Poor, poor man, depressed, suicidal, and thinking no one cares. I’m not a psychologist, but I’m pretty sure that someone in that state of mind would interpret his experience of waiting out there in the water and seeing all the fire fighters, police, and bystanders on the shoreline looking at him and doing nothing, not one person come out to talk to him let alone rescue him….I’m pretty sure that in that state of mind, he understood that to mean that no one cared. In that state of mind, anyone reaching out can be a lifesaver, a suicidal decision changer.  No one reaching out… I’m speculating here, but choosing suicide on a public beach on a national  holiday when that public beach is not empty, there are plenty of people there, wreaks of a cry for help more than it does a irreversible, efficient attempt at suicide.  Did our city’s failure to respond  cause him to make his suicide attempt real? Was that what made him finally realize his suicidal thoughts were accurate, there’s nothing worth living for, and give in to the bay waters?

Thinking out loud: Doesn’t this mean our city services are complicit in this suicide?  Is this criminal? Which agency should investigate this incident and the APD and the AFD?  Must be the Alameda County DA….  Mayor Gilmore swore there would be an investigation with sunshine.  Let’s hold her feet to this fire.


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