Way worse than we imagine.

What is?  The unethical business culture down at our very own extremely well-funded (our tax dollars!) financially-failing institution called the Alameda Hospital led by the Alameda Healthcare District (AHD).

See Dr. Jerrold A. Kram’s Letter exposing Dr. Deutsch’s latest grandiose scheme to yet again take advantage of our local medical organizations here.

It’s a long read—so stop here and go read it if you’re limited on time: Dr. Kram’s details of the latest/greatest actions of the AHD’s Grand Poobah are unbelievable, and confirm 100% my horrified take on Deutsch when I first met and spoke with him at the League of Women Voters’ panel discussion in 2010.  I urge you to read Dr. Kram’s Letter first, before reading anymore here.

Deutsch intends to poach at-risk patients by converting them to his patients, or his practice’s patients, after they are discharged from Alameda Hospital and placed into sub-acute care. This will interrupt and discontinue the patient relationships with their primary care physicians (!). AND he is scheduled to take over as administrator of the sub-acute care unit. HUH?!  And WTF?!  How on EARTH does our Hospital and AHD Board allow this?! Oh, right: the AHD Board has a majority that creates these business relationships, that places Deutsch front and center for his own revenue and their continued/expanded control, and then speaks with a forked-tongue about all of it along the way so they can scurry around the real issues and keep doing business as usual, a business which is apparently focused squarely on expanding their personal sphere of influence and personal incomes.

The AHD and the Alameda Hospital provide the public with specious arguments—wait for it, there will be one forthcoming post haste in response to Dr. Kram’s Letter—that most Alamedans fall for every time, i.e, they continue to be able to get away with it. For decades now, they have. Aren’t you ready to do something about it yet?

Dr. Deutsch’s impact on us is way worse than we imagine it’s possible to be—all Alamedans assume the best despite what is, and has been, right before our very eyes. Too many think, oh, it can’t be what it looks like. Well, it can. It is. And worse. Documentation of Dr. Deutsch’s lifetime campaign of deliberate, self-serving, unethical influence on Alameda’s medical services and organizations can be found dating back to the early 1980s.

I urge everyone reading Dr. Kram’s Letter to make formal complaints with both the State Medical Board and the FPPC (Fair Political Practices Commission)—in writing, using your name (not anonymous). We all need to come together, and together publically–yes, lend your name!—stand up against what’s wrong: our hospital and AHD Board can only serve us if adhere to best medical, ethical, and business practices. Time and time again, they show they are not. We must stop the endemic and very real harm their leadership causes. Every Alameda resident is touched by this, harmed by it personally or by someone they know. I sure have been, as have neighbors and others!  Moreover, it’s just soooooooooo so wrong.  PLEASE FILE YOUR COMPLAINTS:

FPPC complaint form: http://www.fppc.ca.gov/enforce/complaint_form.1.pdf

In the state of California, there are separate state agencies for doctors, for nurses, and for hospitals. We have to report each separately.

Here’s the information for reporting doctors:

The Medical Board of Californiahttp://www.medbd.ca.gov/consumer/complaint_info.html
See the link on that page for the Consumer Complaint Form, a PDF file that you download.

Phone for information:
Central Complaint Unit
California toll-free line: 1-800-633-2322
Phone: (916) 263-2382

Mail your Written Complaint to:
Medical Board of California
Central Complaint Unit
2005 Evergreen Street, Suite 1200
Sacramento, CA 95815

You can verify a doctor’s medical license status and view any complaints to the Medical Board here: http://www2.mbc.ca.gov/LicenseLookupSystem/PhysicianSurgeon/Search.aspx

Until we take it back the Alameda Healthcare Distsrict and make them serve us—the taxpayers that keep them in business—we should consider renaming it the Political Healthcare District or Deutsch’s Personal Lifestyle & Pension Fund.  I mean, the place is the launching pad for everyone’s political careers—Tam, Bonta, and almost Williams [thankfully, the voters intercepted that!]. And those few–through their behavior whilst on the AHD Board—showed they:

1. Were not interested in optimizing the hospital resources for oriented medical services to prioritize residents needs

2. Were interested in optimizing their own political careers even when their ultimate career path conflicted with medical sciences, practices, and standards: their success won at the cost of healthcare to 70,000 residents!

3. Were so unethical and self-serving that they did support and enable Dr. Deutsch’s highly unethical business practices both in the medical field and on the AHD Board.

4. Are not even now speaking out on our behalves, not using their influential positions on City Council to correct things. In fact, last year, Tam spoke in support of the substandard emergency medical protocols!  And Bonta, well, he was part and parcel of those heinous business strategies that were in direct conflict of medical standards!


1. Make a complaint to the FPPC – Dr. Deutsch should NOT be on the AHD Board and allowed to vote on decisions from which he directly profits (he does this every year when he votes for the parcel tax!) and about this new information that Dr. Kram has exposed, and any other conflicts of interests you yourself think may warrant investigation << it’s the FPPC’s job to ascertain whether there is a problem; they can only do their job if we ask them to.

2. Make a complaint to the State Medical Board – if you’ve had problem with Dr. Deutsch’s medical practice

3. Write down your own horror story that you’ve experienced at Alameda Hospital and post it in a Note on ‘Dangerous Incompetence – Alameda Hospital’, a facebook group.


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