100% hilarious.

Good Morning Alameda! The best morning giggle I’ve had in a while.

Over at Action Alameda News (AAN), David Howard has been posting photographs (Otaez Series I, II, III, and IV) from Gilmore’s November 2010 election party. A public event at a public restaurant in Alameda. The photos speak for themselves, and there is plenty more to infer from them given Gilmore’s actions and the direction she’s taken the city council and the city in the few short months since that celebratory event.

But apparently, the IAFF Local 689 is upset and threatening a lawsuit if the photographs are not taken down?

This is 100% hilarious.  Why would anything done in public not be acceptable for public consumption?!  Oh right: the Mayor’s shoddy behavior combined with the snapshot evidence of her very cozy political alliances (Russo, IAFF 689) shown in the photos are quite an education for those who have not been paying attention.

hahahahahaha.  (ROTFLMAO), seriously.)

For those who have been paying attention, it’s nothing more than Gilmore’s business as usual….documented.

But why are the fire fighters calling AAN, complaining and threatening legal action?  We know they can afford to, but the photos show nothing more than people hanging out at a political and social event. So why would they want to have these photos hidden from public view? It’s not their fault the mayor is hanging on one firefighter’s shoulder (the IAFF’s political director) like an immature–smitten & drunken–schoolgirl at her first dance. But the IAFF 689 helped put Gilmore into office, in fact, the GilBonTam triad rode into City Hall on an IAFF 689 political tsunami.  Is the IAFF 689 now embarrassed by these photos? Or was Dom Weaver (IAFF 689 prez) doing Gilmore’s bidding when he called AAN? God, I hope it’s not the latter, but it sure looks that way.

Two quotes come to mind….

“So be careful what you wish for cause you might just get it, and if you get it, then you might not know what to do wit’ it, cause it might just come back on you tenfold.”   – Eminem

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!”  – Sir Walter Scott


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