Between 5:00 and 5:11 pm on Friday

The Alameda Healthcare District (AHD) board posted their AHD board meeting announcement….wait for it…..for Monday, April 4th.

WTF?  They post the meeting announcement and packet exactly 74.5 hours prior to the open session of the AHD board meeting when those 74 hours are mostly our weekend?

And they wonder why no one attends the meetings. Hmmm. Maybe they don’t. Kinda makes ya think this is how they want it…

Other organizations post it at least a week before and have it listed in the papers.

It makes one consider that the AHD board prefers operating without any public participation.

It makes one consider that it’s a deliberate strategy. … These people are not dumb or lazy; so it must be. Think about it. We’d put the kibash on strategies that ensure substandard care (stroke protocols) or serve .5% of Alameda’s population (the wound care center, and yes, that’s POINT 5 PERCENT of the total population, or 3.5% of the geriatric population—see my notes late in this post).


City of Alameda Health Care District Board Meeting ~ Monday, April 4, 2011

6p: Closed Session—and yes, by law, you can speak prior to the closed session if you want even though they never put this on the meeting schedule.

7:30p: Open Session

Location: Alameda Hospital, Dal Cielo Conference Room, 2nd floor

Note to AHD Board:

1. Post the meeting announcement on the prior Monday. That way we can all plan for it AND the papers can publish the information.

2. For crissake, teach someone how to rotate the pages in the pdf file that are sideways in your packet.The packets are far too fat to print out; we read them in softcopy. Step it up already.

<grumbling to myself on the way out the door about why organizations in Alameda don’t serve their public by simple things like oh, posting the meeting a week ahead and rotating the pages so we can actually read the file>

How freaking hard is it to do things in a timely manner, the right way?


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