All yawl who voted for Gilmore should be–at the very least—greatly disturbed.

Well, in my opinion, you already ARE disturbed if you thought voting for Gilmore made sense. But that’s not what I’m talking about today.  If you missed last night’s city council meeting, really, go watch it when it’s posted.  It’s a doozy.

Newsflash courtesy of Kevin Kearney (City Auditor) and Kevin Kennedy (City Treasurer)

The City of Alameda will go bankrupt in 2 years if the city leadership and management don’t do something yesterday.

The most significant budget issues have to do with public services and city pensions, particularly the police and fire pensions.  Curiously, this discussion made the GilBonTam triad very uncomfortable. Gilmore even said so. In fact, it’s the only coherent thing …  she said last night (I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t make sense of any of her stream of consciousness blather last night).

We should each go to City Hall this week and shake the Kevins hands. They told it straight.  Like it is. Gave the Mayor and her council some clear warnings about pending, unavoidable bankruptcy.. if they don’t do something immediately to reverse the trend and save our city.

And Mayor Gilmore’s response?  Thanked the Kevins for coming to the meeting to speak despite the fact that their talk….wait for it….made her uncomfortable. HELLO?!  WTF does she think we’ll be when the city goes bankrupt? Comfortable?  She’s probably going to order another catered lunch for the office just to get over the disturbing experience!  << yes, that’s our tax dollars hard at work under your mayor.

Note to Gilmore: Get to work dammit! Prepare for the agenda items, bring your A game to the city council meeting in a way that shows us 1. you give a damn and 2. you have the IC (intellectual capital) and the cajones for the work to be done!  Your coy quips in response to speakers, particularly these speakers from whom you could have learned a thing or 50, are condescending at best, and fool no one: we’re still paying attention to the subject matter at hand. Our minds are laser focused on the content of the discussion. Your ‘charm’ has not redirected our attention or disarmed us. Give it up already!  Give the speakers and the public the respect we deserve by taking us and the topics—and our city’s very viability!—seriously.  Be prepared for the topics, show some original and complex thinking, and leadership skills.

I don’t know about you, but I’d expect a mayor, ANY mayor, to show grave concern, take the subject seriously, field a discussion that shows she was prepared for the budget presentation (hello>> it’s HER agenda!) by posing questions to the speaker-experts, integrating that new information on the fly, and then clearly articulating a discussion about the complexities of possible solutions and then provide insightful, stern guidance to the city management given the extreme conditions our city is facing.  But Gilmore? Not one question posed to either Kevin.  Not one word of advice to city management.  Oh right, the idea that the City of Alameda will go bankrupt—2 years into her 4-year term as Mayor—makes her uncomfortable. Poor thing.

And Bless Johnson’s Heart. I’m telling you, that woman is good at what she does.  Kennedy had referred to other cities and how they have already solved for some of the budget issues bearing down from pensions and staffing, explaining we are WAY behind the curve.  So Johnson inquired what he meant exactly—gave him the opportunity to explain to the Mayor and other council members and the public how other SF Bay Area cities are preventing bankruptcy. Real life examples. Hard decisions. Hard work. Kennedy warned again: if the city leadership and management don’t make decisions tomorrow morning, it will be a judge in a bankruptcy court making decisions for us as soon as 1Q 2013.  Are you disturbed yet?


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3 responses to “All yawl who voted for Gilmore should be–at the very least—greatly disturbed.

  • notmayberry

    Note also that Bonta said virtually nothing thruout, except for not being able to answer DeHaan’s question abt something he should have known from Hospital Board experience. Both Bonta & Tam thought Alameda had exclusive BLS transport rights; the Chief told them this has been a myth for the last ten years. I especially liked Gilmore’s response to the need to cut safety services or go bankrupt:”I don’t want to hear about any more 911 response times being 7 min when they should have been 4″ Let them eat cake, Mayor? It’s silly to talk abt response times to Alameda Hospital, when treatment is just delayed by “non-emergency BLS transport” to the next real hospital!

    • Denise Lai

      Yeah, I have to go watch that exact discussion again. The AFD only has ALS ambulances. All BLS ambulances are non-AFD. The level of the discussions last night was appalling. One would think, given that Gilmore has been on the city council for years, that she would know something of the city’s budget predicament and have at least one meaningful thing to say. But none? Worse: The GBT triad sat there behaving almost as though the budget discussion was irrelevant. It’s more of the same, like the city manager firing/hiring processes: the triadic petty tyranny has something planned….and they don’t need to have no stinking public discussions! What a farce they are perpetrating on our city!

  • Denise Lai

    Go here:
    Start at 1:42 hour:minute to watch the Kevins tremendous talks.

    NotMayberry: It’s curious, isn’t it? That GilBonTam are most animated, interested, and active in their discussions when it comes to the AFD. What the issue they were getting at is this: they think the AFD could make money from a BLS ambulance service. I’m not sure why you’d need a BLS service. They’d use the ALS buses for all 911 calls anyway. If acute cases are taken to the right off-island hospitals, there’s really very little need for this. What I cannot understand is why those in charge–at the city and the hospital–continue to make up business strategies they think will make money, and then try to find a way to enact them regardless of whether it makes sense or is needed. What happened to assessing what is needed and then creating or adapting a services program to fit it?!

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