Two for Two

Stroke transport protocol changed: check.

Illicit crude oil transfers stopped (along with the toxic fumes and oil spills): check.

So I’m pretty happy. It appears that when we take the time to report serious problems to the right people in the right agencies, they care and they do their job of protecting us, really well apparently.  And quickly.  In under two months for the stroke protocol. In under three months for the illicit crude oil transfers. Impressive.  Kudos (again, I can’t thank these people enough) to: … Alameda Sun for publishing my op-ed in October 2010, Mayor Beverly Johnson who read the op-ed and investigated the issues during a City Council Meeting and more, AFD Chief Mike Fisher who researched the EMS data in our city, the Alameda County EMS Director Dale Fanning who stood up to the Alameda Hospital and insisted on changing the substandard EMS protocol, and BAAQMD (Bay Area Air Quality Management District) Investigator Simon Winer who properly investigated, documented, and reported upon the illicit crude oil transfers and, by bringing that information to the Harbor Safety Commission, started a discussion with the right people who made the right changes to prevent this from happening in the future.  YAY TEAMS!!!!!

(BooHiss to those who didn’t do their job right in the first place and/or  fought against what’s right: Alameda Hospital CEO Deborah Stebbins and the Alameda Healthcare District 2010 board members, AFD first responders who apparently saw the decrepit Jovalan barge and smelled the Wall of Stink but did not think it serious enough of a risk to public health to bring BAAQMD onsite during the event [!]), the USCG and the GOBs (Good Old Boys) down at the marinas on Main Street who all lied to us, and of course Harley Marine and its subsidiary, Pacific Safety Marine Inc. [PSMI] whose running under the radar was a well-thought out, illicit, and apparently successful strategy…until now.)

I am anxious to see the results of the BAAQMD fines on PSMI.  That information is not yet public.

I am anxious to see important changes at the hospital.  If you haven’t read Mr. Gorelick’s Notes from the Hospital recently, please go here. Very worthwhile. And don’t ya know it just so happened that a friend walked herself into Alameda Hospital ER recently with symptoms of a stroke….and again, the facts are outrageous. I will write in depth about that soon.


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