Councilmember Gilmore acted as Mayor, seeking legal counsel, prior to becoming Mayor?

“In mid-December, Mayor Gilmore became aware of the possibility of potential litigation against the city and she did contact meyers nave at that time.” – Attorney Edward Kreisberg, meyers nave.

(Source: 12/21/2010 Regular Meeting of the Alameda Council Video at 1:36:17 [hour:minute:second])

Ms. Gilmore did not become mayor until the evening of December 21, 2010.  That’s not mid-December by any definition.  So that’s interesting. And it’s interesting that prior to taking her seat as mayor, she anticipated her actions as Mayor would be disruptive and justify lawsuits against the city.  Was her discussion, acting as mayor prior to being mayor, with meyers nave legal?

Readers: what are your thoughts on this?

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5 responses to “What?

  • Denise Lai

    This is as good a place/time as any to mention this: in the last regular city council meeting, it was refreshing to see Vice Mayor Bonta presiding with no chewing gum in his mouth and announcing the name of each council member before s/he spoke. But last night’s meeting confirms that Mayor Gilmore still hasn’t gotten the memo: instead of tilting your head and pointing with your finger at a councilmember who’s asked to speak, please properly recognize each council member by stating his/her name!

  • AlamedaPost

    For the City to retain legal counsel, the entire Counsel has to vote to approve, not just one member. How New Mayor Gilmore knew in advance that she would need Meyers Nave’s services requires belief in ESP.

  • Denise Lai

    Later in that same meeting video, Kreisberg refers to a vote by the city council to retain meyers nave. Know anything about that?

  • AlamedaPost

    Nope, no one does.

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