Understanding the hospital issues better.

Elliot Gorelick’s (gor-REL-ick) answers to residents’ tough questions on ‘Officially Speaking’ (here) are a great first step towards understanding the hospital issues better. Mr. Gorelick goes a long ways here towards helping us understand the complexity of the issues rationally, without the usual Alamedan emotional component.  Read his statements here.  Keep up on his work on the hospital board in his new blog that he’s writing just for that purpose here.

He provides impressive discussion answers and it’s refreshing to see an elected official be so transparent, considerate and erudite in a public forum. . . . I hope everyone reads his posts and continues to follow him on his blog.  We could all learn a lot and, as Mr. Gorelick implies, we need to be engaged in the hospital issues if we’re going to optimize this public asset for ourselves.

But–of course–I have to disagree with him about Dr. Deutsch.  Dr. Deutsch makes over $200K per year from his clinic and work at the hospital. The hospital stays in business because it receives $5.6M in parcel taxes every year. And Dr. Deutsch votes to levy that parcel tax every year. He should recuse himself from that vote, yet he never has. The fact that Dr. Deutsch has been a strong force behind securing acute cases via the ambulances for the hospital—even when medical science dictates it’s not in the patient’s best interest—tells me he has a conflict of interest. Otherwise, I don’t believe he would have chosen less than best medical emergency services for anyone.

Next Alameda Healthcare District board meeting

Monday, January 10, 2011

Open Session at approximately 7:30 p.m.

Location: Alameda Hospital (Dal Cielo Conference Room)

Board Packet


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