What you can do:

Concerned about rash activity down at City Hall and possible violations of The Brown Act and the City Charter?

Write a letter to the acting city attorney; explain your concerns and ask her to look at the mayors actions the last week of 2010, determine what the violations of The Brown Act and the City Charter were exactly, and to do something about them. Be sure to use delivery tracking when you mail: USPS certified return receipt, UPS, or FedEx:

Donna Mooney, Acting City Attorney; Alameda City Hall, Room 280; 2263 Santa Clara Avenue; Alameda, CA  94501

Please send the county DA a hardcopy of your letter as well, delivered with tracking (the DA does not oversee, or enforce, municipal law, but the DA will step in if there’s been a Brown Act violation; I’ve been told that DA O’Malley is a Brown Act expert):

Nancy E. O’Malley; Alameda County District Attorney; Alameda County District Attorney’s Office; 1225 Fallon St. Suite 900; Oakland, Ca 94612


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