Mayor Gilmore VIOLATES our city charter

Violations of The Brown Act. Check. Oh, what the heck—may as well violate the City Charter too:

(with thanks to ‘barb’, a commenter over at Action-Alameda News, who brought this to everyone’s attention)

“The following offices are hereby established and the incumbents thereof shall be appointed or removed by a vote of a majority of the full Council: City Manager, City Attorney, City Clerk.

During a period of ninety days immediately following the date of installation of any person newly elected to the Council at a regular or special municipal election or of any person newly appointed to the Council, the Council shall take no action, whether immediate or prospective, to remove, suspend, request the resignation of, or reduce the salary of, the incumbents in the aforementioned appointive offices.”

Ummmmm….did you find that hard to understand?  No? Seems pretty reasonable that Mayor Marie Gilmore (MMG) would understand it too, right? I mean, she’s a lawyer and she’s been a city council member since 2003.  So we have to assume that her illegal actions last week were done willfully.

Worse: if she did phone Christina Baines, admin to the Interim City Manager, and fire her then she’s behaved criminally. It’s malfeasance and we the citizens are obligated to remove her.

For now, let’s stick with known facts: her clear violations of The Brown Act and the City Charter.  Please write Alameda County DA Nancy E. O’Malley and demand that DA O’Malley:

1. Warn MMG that she’s been behaving illegally

2. Require MMG to reverse her decisions last week.

At the very least, this will protect some of the dollars in our city coffer by keeping 3 employees on the payroll to do 3 jobs instead of the 6 that MMG planned to have on our payroll doing the job of 3 for the next 3 months (3 working, 3 on leave).

Mail your letter to DA O’Malley (as soon as I have a fax number for her office, I’ll publish it—the DA’s website provides surprisingly little contact information given her office works at our pleasure):

Alameda County District Attorney’s Office
1225 Fallon St. Suite 900
Oakland, Ca 94612


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