Hospital CEO continues to promote substandard emergency stroke care at Alameda Hospital.

Why does our hospital CEO continue to bloviate about what the Alameda Hospital will and can do for stroke victims?  Today’s medical standards dictate stroke victims go to Certified Stoke Centers….for good, sound, medical reasons! Period. Paragraph. END OF STORY.

Yet CEO Stebbins says that our hospital plans to receive stroke victims delivered by paramedics four-hours after stroke onset, i.e., after that four-hour window when IV tPA is no longer is effective.

WHAT is effective after that 4-hour window?  And can Alameda Hospital provide it?

NO. NO. And NO.

After the 4-hour window, highly specialized teams and technology are needed to provide intra-arterial tPA (they go up an artery and deliver the thrombylotic at the site of the blockage) or a mechanical embolectomy (they go up an artery and physically remove the blood clot, pulling it back out).  ALAMEDA HOSPITAL IS NEITHER CAPABLE, NOR HAS THE TECHNOLOGY, TO DO THESE THINGS.

So WHY has Ms. Stebbins said that—until it becomes a stroke center–Alameda Hospital will continue to receive stroke victims from paramedics after the 4-hour window and treat them?

I sure wish a hospital board member would comment here and explain the continued promotion of stroke care at Alameda Hospital.   They won’t, they can’t: there’s no medically sound reason for it.



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