“Trust me.”

Alex Gibney: “Most corrupt individuals get away with their crimes by saying ‘trust me’—like the Enron guys, for instance. You act regal and you’re not questioned.”

Who does that remind you of?  If you attended the Fall 2010  League of Women Voters hospital board forum, it reminds you of the hospital board incumbents running for re-election.  Now, I’m not saying the hospital board is corrupt or criminal.  I am saying that during that event, the tenor of the answers given by the board was identical.  And it was very frustrating to come expecting real facts, real dialog, and get placating feel-good remarks about how personally wonderful the hospital is for each board member and implying that they know best, just re-elect them and all will be good.  It was meant to disarm and deflect rather than respect us enough to have a real discussion.  And yes, I get worked up about abuses of power and authority.  And in that forum, the hospital board members displayed a very unnerving kinship with answers that avoided facts and focused on self-aggrandizements. It was political shenanigans, and not the gravitas we deserve: a discussion about healthcare services for our quality of life and longevity, and fiduciary responsibilities regarding hospital strategies and our extremely generous tax dollars. It was the thing that caused me to finally know, unequivocally, that there’s a very real problem here at the Alameda Hospital, right here in Alameda city.


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