Note to local papers

Get it right, please.  The Alameda Journal last week couldn’t bring themselves (Michele Ellson) to say that the reason the stroke protocol was changed post haste is because Alameda Hospital is NOT a stroke center and it’s not a medically appropriate place for ambulances to take stroke victims.  The Alameda Sun’s article today makes no sense—did Dennis Evanovsky not get the news that the stroke protocol was changed? He did not interview me. I sent him the docs; that’s all.  It’s true the hospital resisted the medically sound and important protocol change that brought the City of Alameda into line with the rest of the county on December 1, 2010.  His sub-headline “potential island stroke victims caught in the middle” was true for the last 3 years, but is no longer true.

Not sure why our local papers either don’t have time to write stories so they are accurate (the Sun, and typical of most papers these days in a dying industry) or have an agenda (the Journal, or maybe just Michele) and won’t state the facts without gliding over the real portent of them and ending with an illogical and anachronistic ticklefest about the hospital.

This was a very critical and important problem that the city and the county corrected in record time!  It would have behooved both papers to have taken the time to write something more accurate for their readers, for us, the future stroke victims or friends of future stroke victims.


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