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Alameda County Board of Supervisors (BOS) has oversight of the Alameda Hospital District (AHD).  Why then, in 2007, did Alice Lai-Bitker not exercise her authority to protect 500+ stroke victims per year in the City of Alameda?  Why did she not engage the weight of her office to 1. support the County EMS director who was making every effort to implement best EMS policies equally throughout the county and 2. protect the residents of Alameda city?  See today’s news article here.

Why did the BOS not step in in any way and address AHD board’s self-serving strategy?  Why did the BOS not require the hospital to stay focused on serving the resident population of the City of Alameda?

Here’s the real question: WHY would our elected AHD board members think it makes sense to spend any part of the $5.7 million of public funds they vote to levy on us each year–yes, it’s an annual decision of theirs based upon our very generous referendum in 2002–on a lawsuit against a County EMS for doing what’s right? WHY would they threaten a lawsuit against the County EMS for putting into place optimum EMS policies? How depraved is this?


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  • Denise Lai

    Found out yesterday, 12/7, that I was totally wrong here: Supervisors have NO authority over the hospital district. The only oversight they have is us. We elect the board members, and that’s it folks. We’ve got to do a WAY better job putting people on the board that will represent our best tax and medical interests! We started by getting Gorelick elected. In 2012, two more seats will be up, and this is our strongest opportunity to influence the direction the hospital board decisions will go.That and attending meetings and telling them what healthcare services we need and what makes sense to us! Cause, clearly, they are OUT OF TOUCH with the population they are serving. #FAIL

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