It’s Thanksgiving.

I am NOT grateful for the local hospital.  And I’m really angry about the leadership. We got more documents yesterday.  It’s one million percent clear that Alameda Hospital has been and continues strategizing for revenue and going 100% against sound medical standards for emergency stroke responses.  I hope and pray that none of the 500+ Alamedans who suffer a stroke each year do so while at home in Alameda.  It’s an abomination for Stebbins and Deutsch have stepped up their efforts with the county to retain the stroke transport preference to Alameda Hospital, to claim that their ER using a remote neurologist (like a rural hospital) with the Alameda Hospital outsourced physicians (yes, a contracted workforce), and non-stroke specialized teams can begin to give us the kind of care that ever other county in the SF Bay Area secures for their residents in a certified stroke center.    I’ll post the documents later…it is a holiday after all.  Were it me as CEO or board member, I could not enjoy this day or another other day knowing that I was putting Alamedans at risk by ensuring lesser medical care.  As it is, I’m having a hard time finding joy today after seeing Stebbins recent letter to the County EMS.  <big sigh>


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