Sad, sad day.

This is a sad, sad day when those elected to protect us are found to have somehow collaborated to put us at great harm.  How did this happen?  Can anyone explain this?

Was it moral corruption that led to the hospital leadership to conspire to drive revenue for themselves and the hospital from strategies that are contraindicated by both medical science and state and county EMS protocols, and that put the entire resident population of Alameda and her visitors at great, possibly lethal, risk?  If so, what led to this disregard for humanity? And disregard for human suffering in their own city and county?  I cannot imagine this is true…

But our hospital leadership, Jordan Battani (healthcare board director), Robert Bonta, Dr. Deutsch, Michael McCormick, Deborah Stebbins (hospital CEO), and Leah Williams, seems to have ensured that over 1500 stroke victims–over 500 per year for the last three years, the annual average for a city our size–have received substandard medical care…

during the most critical moments of their stroke: the first 60 minutes. Why?

Did you know one of the treatments for heart attack has a side effect of stroke?  Heart attack or stroke, we should always be taken directly to a hospital with specialized cardiac and stroke systems!

Is this the result of the combined delusional wizardry?  If so, what kind of narcissism allows them to sleep at night knowing that even they might fall victim to an acute medical event and not get the care they deserve? What kind of morally corrupted groupthink gave rise to the fact that not one of them stopped these unconscionable hospital strategies?   Or resigned trying?

Rather, the hospital’s CEO gave a presentation in September 2010 to the mayor and city council boasting about the revenue derived from these strategies; again, no mention of the medical soundness or benefit for the residents of, and visitors to, Alameda.  Ditto at the League of Women Voter’s forum before the election: Deutsch and Williams gave no facts, boasted of new revenue, and then showed thick disdain for Gorelick who was rife with facts and medically sound extrapolations with very real concerns about the new hospital strategies.

It’s not like the medical and EMS facts are complicated or hard to find. The state stroke and cardiac programs and medical standards have been in place for years; they are simple to understand and well-explained.  Non-medical personnel can easily understand the inherent danger in the emergency stroke transport to Alameda Hospital. Why was this not understood by the hospital board when they made their strategy decisions?  How did this happen?


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  • Denise Lai

    Are the prior county EMS director, Michael King, and our current county supervisor, Alice Lai-Bitker (who retires at the end of this year) involved here? How was the stroke transport preference for Alameda Hospital approved? What is that process?

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