The first down!

County EMS Director Fanning Writes to Hospital CEO Stebbins

On November 5th, County EMS Director Dale Fanning wrote a letter to  Alameda Hospital CEO Deborah Stebbins advising her that the variance to the county stroke transport protocol does not meet the standard of care in Alameda County and that it “is not in the best interests of patient care”.  Duh! And finally!  Fanning said that County EMS staff had met with hospital leadership… (at the leadership’s request) in July 2007 to discuss stroke protocols. Hospital leadership? That’s the Alameda Healthcare District Board! Curiouser and curiouser is the trail of Deutsch (AHD Board member 2007+). The full story is here.


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  • Denise Lai

    Huge Shout-Out to Mayor Johnson for her work getting the County EMS stroke transport protocol variance for the City of Alameda into the November 3rd City Council meeting, accurately characterized as a bad thing, and onto the record which brought this to the attention to the County EMS Director, forcing her to address it.

    It was REFRESHING to see someone in a position of authority and responsibility speak honestly about this! And thank goodness we don’t have the same County EMS director that approved this variance; Fanning seems appropriately concerned about this and interested in changing it post haste. God knows those directly responsible for this malfeasance have done nothing but obfuscate, redirect, and lie. Yes I’m talking about, and to, you: Battani, Bonta, Deutsch, Stebbins, Tam, and Williams! How can you live with yourselves?! How many stroke victims have suffered because you ensured they received substandard CVA emergency medical response??? Shame on you! I wonder how long it will take before your supporters see the wolves you that you all are in sheep’s clothing?

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